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Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)
Billie as Brona Croft / Lily Frankenstein
Status: Season's One to Three Out Now
Created By: John Logan
Genre: Drama, Horror
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Some of literature's most terrifying characters, including Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula - are lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. Penny Dreadful is a frightening psychological thriller that weaves together these classic horror origin stories into a new adult drama.
City of Tiny Lights (2016)
Billie as Shelley
Status: Post-Production
Created By: Patrick Neate
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Tommy walks in one morning to find high-class prostitute Melody seeking his help. She wants him to find her friend Natasha, last seen meeting a client at a swanky Mayfair bar. He has little luck tracking down Natasha, but instead finds the dead body of Pakistani businessman Usman Rana, &, before he knows it, he's drawn into a sinister, dangerous world of religious fanaticism & political intrigue.
Yerma (2016)
Billie as Yerma
Run: 28 Jul – 10 Sept 2016 (Young Vic)
Created By: Lorca / Simon Stone
Genre: Drama
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This achingly powerful story of a young woman desperate to become a mother expresses the anguish of a society battling to free itself from its past. Simon Stone’s new version re-imagines Lorca’s original for today.

Billie's 2016 Calendar

· German Comic Con (Berlin) - October 15
· Alamo City Comic Con - October 28 & 29
· MegaCon Tampa Bay - October 30
· Rhode Island Comic Con - November 12 & 13

Quoting Billie

I think my favorite thing about all of those genres is that I find the humanity within them all. Even if you’re travelling around space and time, there is still something crucial about finding humanity within that and the same thing with a high-class escort. They’re people before anything else. That has been the common thread; I’m totally blessed to have a crack at them all.

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“Yerma” Billie Piper takes on ‘ticking clock’ role

Written by Mandy / Project Update , TV Appearance & Interviews , Yerma / July 27, 2016

Billie Piper says her latest stage role, about a woman desperate to have a child, feels very relevant because it’s an issue being faced by many women she knows.

“It chimed quite vividly with me because so many of my friends are finding it quite hard to go through that,” Piper says. “It seems to be a very common topic at the moment.”

Piper plays the title role of Yerma in a modern retelling of Federico Garcia Lorca’s 1934 tragedy about a woman whose desperation to become a mother is met with indifference by her husband.

Simon Stone’s version, which begins previews at the Young Vic this week, relocates the action from rural Spain to contemporary London.

Speaking during a break in rehearsals, Piper admits she hadn’t heard of the play until she was approached about the role at the end of last year.

“I read the original, and I thought that it was one of the most beautiful pieces of poetry,” she says. “It’s that story of a modern woman who is suddenly suffocated and strangled by her ticking clock.

“I witness that all around me, and I read about it frequently. I thought that it seemed like a very relevant piece of work.”

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“City Of Tiny Lights” To Premiere At TIFF

Written by Mandy / City Of Tiny Lights , Project Update / July 26, 2016


City of Tiny Lights Pete Travis, United Kingdom – World Premiere
Tommy Akhtar — cricket fan, devoted son and deadbeat private eye — is just emerging from another hangover when his next case walks through the door. Hooker Melody wants him to find her friend who has gone missing. As he delves deeper into the case, Tommy’s journey to uncover the truth leads him into the hidden layers of modern London, unlocking shocking secrets about past loves, friendships, and family. Starring Riz Ahmed, Cush Jumbo, James Floyd, Billie Piper and Roshan Seth.

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Billie Piper Live Webchat With The Guardian

Written by Mandy / TV Appearance & Interviews / July 11, 2016

With her infectiously peppy Because We Want To, Billie Piper launched phase one of her career back in 1998, becoming the youngest ever artist to debut at No 1 in the UK. But after two hit albums, she segued into an acting career that has eclipsed even her music success.

Adored by Doctor Who fans for playing Rose Tyler, companion to David Tennant’s Doctor, she’s also known for taking on the role of sex worker Belle de Jour in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, and as Brona Croft in Penny Dreadful. She has enjoyed regular stints on the London stage – rejoining Call Girl writer Lucy Prebble for The Effect, and starring in Richard Bean’s phone-hacking drama Great Britain. Next up is the lead role in Yerma, a Lorca tragedy updated by the iconoclastic Simon Stone.

With Yerma opening at the Young Vic on 28 July, Piper is joining us to answer your questions about it and anything else in her career, from 1pm BST on Wednesday 13 July – post them here.

Billie Piper at the Unreachable Press Night After Party

Written by Mandy / Gallery Update / July 9, 2016

Billie attended the Unreachable Press Night After Party last night to support her friend Matt Smith, 19 HQ photos have been added to the gallery, thanks to Miss Billie Piper for these, enjoy!

“Penny Dreadful” S03E09 The Blessed Dark Captures

Written by Mandy / Gallery Update , Penny Dreadful , Project Update / June 28, 2016

200 HD captures from Penny Dreadful episode nine of season three – The Blessed Dark have been added to the gallery, enjoy!

“Penny Dreadful” S03E08 Perpetual Night Captures

Written by Mandy / Gallery Update , Penny Dreadful , Project Update / June 28, 2016

432 HD captures from Penny Dreadful episode eight of season three – Perpetual Night have been added to the gallery, enjoy!

“Penny Dreadful” John Logan’s Farewell

Written by Mandy / Penny Dreadful , Project Update / June 20, 2016

The story around Lily [Billie Piper] has been one of my favorites this year.
LOGAN: Yeah, me too.

That monologue about her daughter in episode 8 was just stunning. Can you take me through why it was so important that you saved that really human story for the end of the season?
LOGAN: Happily. I chose to write about women in Victorian society — that’s the stealth thing this show is actually about. It’s a very feminist show, and the idea that the audience gets to see, in our three years, Lily as a degraded figure who’s abused by men, as Brona, literally being reborn into a blank slate and then achieving incredible power but always having a great human connection. That was a case where I was also inspired by the actor, because Billie Piper so delights me, and I found that in the second season I was able to write her an eight-minute monologue that she absolutely delivered, completely, in a way that I found thrilling. I just wanted to do it again, because she’s an actor who understands theatricality and understands larger than life language in a very unique way, and that’s part of what this show is about.


“Penny Dreadful” S03E07 Ebb Tide Captures

Written by Mandy / Gallery Update , Penny Dreadful , Project Update / June 17, 2016

392 HD captures from Penny Dreadful episode seven of season three – Ebb Tide have been added to the gallery, enjoy!

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