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Relative Values: Billie Piper and Johnny Lloyd

Me and Johnny have known each other for a very long time, through mutual friends and living in northwest London. I met him via an acting friend, Harry Treadaway, while we were making [the TV series] Penny Dreadful; that was maybe six years ago.

I suppose it can be difficult sometimes for me to approach men, but because our friend circle is made up of quite a few actors, it wasn’t hard with Johnny. And besides, he has had his own experience of fame with his band Tribes, so us getting together wasn’t a big, threatening exchange for him. It wasn’t one world meeting another.

We’ve been together for two years now. Our daughter, Tallulah, was born just four months ago. Yes, the pregnancy was a surprise, but at no point did I think Johnny wasn’t going to be able to handle it. I’d seen him with my boys [Winston, 10, and Eugene, 7, with her ex-husband, the actor Laurence Fox — Piper and Fox have joint custody], and Johnny was great. I knew that he was a stand-up, good guy. Since Tallulah was born, I’ve felt a real calm about everything. It’s been wonderful.

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